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The Sport Science > mission is to engineer superior products that do more, so you can do more (or less) in style and comfort



Know where your shirt comes from

Made in the USA with the highest level of quality and craftsmanship by fairly paid workers.

Since 2008 Sport Science has stayed committed to keeping our product American-made,  from the spinning of the yarn down to the printing and shipping to the customer – giving us the ability to respond rapidly to customer requests with the highest level of quality control.

You know where these shirts come from. Your conscience can rest easy that no one risked their lives or worked for slave wages to put together your shirt. The materials and technology we use are safe and environmentally friendly.

While most other clothing factories are located in China thousands of miles away, Sport Science products are made in the Carolinas within a 200 mile radius, cutting out nearly 7,850 miles of traveling and all the fuel that goes with it. Sport Science is proud to keep their carbon footprint small, as well as keep jobs in the USA.

Made better. Made in America.


Don’t ask us

The response to Sport Science™ product from all levels of athletes (and non-athletes) has been overwhelming. The number of people who come back to buy a second or third Sport Science™ shirt continues to grow

“I just returned from vacation, actually, we were camping our way across the Oregon desert and well, you know camping, you don’t bring very many clothes. I found it notable that the longsleeved Sport Science shirts made the cut for both my husband and I (they were one of two long-sleeves that we both brought along)”
Katie Wolpert, Running Times Magazine


“I just finished second overall in Megatransect Trail Race, it was my first trail race over 20 miles. I was a hurtin boy after the finish but I never felt better in my life! Sport Science T-Shirts rock and they are the only thing I race in.”
– Jesse Johnson, SC


“Spring is a crazy time of year! Depending on weather and temperature, layer it up appropriately and make sure you get out there at the right time of day. I wear my Sport Science Wool 2.0 and a shell…and don’t forget the sunscreen.”
– Colter Hincliffe


“I wore the smarter T-shirt you sent and absolutely loved it. Air temp was around 65-70 and the shirt felt great even as I hiked with a kid carrier on my back. We did about four miles and I had little moisture from sweat even where the pack back and straps sit! Glorious.”
– Kyle Marston,


“for a shirt that felt so soft I could sleep in it, I wasn’t so sure it could keep up on a run. But after taking it out on the road, I could tell it was made to move.”
– Giselle Domdom with


“The Smarter t-shirt did an excellent job of wicking away sweat while not retaining any body odor. Even after my 22-hour trek to Utsunomia, Japan, the shirt felt soft and comfortable to wear and I didn’t smell like a cattle car.”
– Bernard van Ulden, Pro Cyclist, Jelly Belly


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