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Don’t ask us

The response to Sport Science™ product from all levels of athletes (and non-athletes) has been overwhelming. The number of people who come back to buy a second or third Sport Science™ shirt continues to grow

“I just returned from vacation, actually, we were camping our way across the Oregon desert and well, you know camping, you don’t bring very many clothes. I found it notable that the longsleeved Sport Science shirts made the cut for both my husband and I (they were one of two long-sleeves that we both brought along)”
Katie Wolpert, Running Times Magazine


“I just finished second overall in Megatransect Trail Race, it was my first trail race over 20 miles. I was a hurtin boy after the finish but I never felt better in my life! Sport Science T-Shirts rock and they are the only thing I race in.”
– Jesse Johnson, SC


“Spring is a crazy time of year! Depending on weather and temperature, layer it up appropriately and make sure you get out there at the right time of day. I wear my Sport Science Wool 2.0 and a shell…and don’t forget the sunscreen.”
– Colter Hincliffe


“I wore the smarter T-shirt you sent and absolutely loved it. Air temp was around 65-70 and the shirt felt great even as I hiked with a kid carrier on my back. We did about four miles and I had little moisture from sweat even where the pack back and straps sit! Glorious.”
– Kyle Marston,


“for a shirt that felt so soft I could sleep in it, I wasn’t so sure it could keep up on a run. But after taking it out on the road, I could tell it was made to move.”
– Giselle Domdom with


“The Smarter t-shirt did an excellent job of wicking away sweat while not retaining any body odor. Even after my 22-hour trek to Utsunomia, Japan, the shirt felt soft and comfortable to wear and I didn’t smell like a cattle car.”
– Bernard van Ulden, Pro Cyclist, Jelly Belly

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