the performance difference

We’re often asked why it’s preferable to wear performance clothing, specifically performance tshirts, during your sweat sessions… What are the benefits? Will I really notice a difference? Does anyone really care?  Well, yes, yes and yes.

Here you go… a little  Sport Science lesson…

The human body temperature is naturally regulated through a series of biological processes called “thermo-regulation.”  These processes are designed to keep the body temperature within an optimum range called the “thermo-neutral zone.” When this optimum temperature is exceeded, the body operates with less efficiency.

The main benefit of performance clothing is its ability to assist in regulating your body temperature better than non-performance clothing. When the body produces excessive amounts of sweat, the body uses its energy to try to keep cool.

If the sweat isn’t wicked away quickly, the body core temperature heats up, producing even more sweat.  Therefore, performance t-shirts (and other performance clothing) stabilizes your body’s core temperature by pulling moisture away from your body (wicking) and forcing that moisture to evaporate (quick-drying) – this process, in turn, maximizes your performance and comfort.

So, stop wearing your sweat!

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