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It’s Not Cotton

At the core of what we do is our smarter performance™ fabric. With the goal of bringing you the moisture management of a tech sport shirt with the everyday wear-ability of your favorite casual tee, we created a new way of spinning our polyester yarn to feel and look like cotton, but perform like dri-FIT polyester.

Our relaxed fit, super-soft fabric prevents chafing and abrasion to feel good in any situation. This is not the skin-tight, shiny tech shirt you can only wear at the gym. Our shirts are for whatevering – wind surfing or channel surfing.

Stop wearing your sweat

The common tech/performance shirts don’t breathe well, hold sweat and smells, and chafe. We won’t even get into cotton. At sport science™, our soft smarter performance™ poly feels amazing and works even better.

Using drirelease™ technology, we spin an engineered yarn made up of 85% synthetic/hydrophobic (hates water) fibers and 15% natural/hydrophilic (loves water) fibers. As the hydrophilic fibers grab liquid and pull it away from the skin, the hydrophobic fibers push the liquid towards the outside of the fabric where it can evaporate quickly. With the inclusion of the freshguard® finish, the smelly workout shirt has become a thing of the past.

This technology keeps you dry,
keeps you cool and keeps you comfy.
do more. enjoy.


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